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ANSED is a diagnostic solutions tool manufacturer. All ANSED products were designed specifically to assist all automotive mechanics in providing faster and easier ways to diagnose problems.

The ANSED Diagnostic Solution Gas Analyzer Kit, including Gas Analyzer and the proprietary ANSED Expert Emissions Advisor software, allows the mechanic to see existing and potential problems with simple and accurate diagnostic testing complete in 60 seconds.

Some repair shops today rely solely on the trouble codes set by an onboard computer for diagnostics, but the true professional understands it takes more than a scan tool to find everything that can cause a drivability problem. The ANSED Diagnostic Solution does not replace the scan tool; it greatly enhances it by directing you down the right path the first time for the fastest, most accurate diagnostics possible.

Experts with decades of experience in emissions diagnostics developed the ANSED Gas Diagnostics Software, to identify problems, potential problems and their likely solution. The mechanic benefits from identifying problems in the engine, fuel system, emissions control system, catalytic converter and exhaust system – even problems not yet severe enough to set a trouble code.

The software interprets the gas analyzer readings, providing the technician with a top down list of potential solutions. The software stores test results for future reference. Able to run and print “after repair” test result to verify repair results. Improve customer relations by diagnosing potential problems not detected by the owner or vehicle computer before a problem is apparent.

Three (3) simple steps:

  1. Simply insert the exhaust probe into the tailpipe and take a sample of the gas readings with the KANE gas analyzer.
  2. Enter the data from the KANE gas analyzer into the ANSED Software on your computer. The software will quickly analyze the results and provide you with a plain language description of any problems, and the recommended repairs.
  3. View the report and share with your customer.

Key Benefits:

  • Shorten Diagnostic Time
    - Accurate results in one minute
  • Reduce Comebacks
    - Run diagnostic test after repairs, “check your work”
  • Sell More Service
    - Easy to check ALL cars and find more problems to service
  • Make Customers More Comfortable
    - Use print out to better explain necessary service and repairs
  ANSED Diagnostic Solution

The ANSED Professional Series Video Scope is a full-featured Video Scope Monitor with the Exclusive Hyperion Technology 5.5mm x 1m Probe. The Hyperion Technology 5.5mm probe offers three (3) unique features designed to enhance viewing capabilities not found in any competitive video scope package:

  1. Light Boost improves Image Clarity by increasing or decreasing LED light illumination of an object. Bright or Dark objects, Shinny or Dull surfaces, Smooth or Rough surfaces are better viewed using more or less light in some cases. One switch located in the probe control box changes the LED light brightness for improved viewing clarity.
  2. Mirroring & Image Rotation allows technician to digitally rotate the image viewed on the monitor screen. With the push of a button letter / number and picture orientation can be changed. Letter / number sequence can know be viewed in reading order. Upside-down pictures can be changed to proper viewing configuration. Four (4) modes are controlled by one switch located in the probe control box.
  3. Particle Free & Anti-Reflection digitally reduces image glare and reduces or removes camera lens particle / spot contamination. Images are “Cleaned Up” by simply selecting the Particle Free & Anti-Reflection mode button located in the probe control box.

  ANSED Video Scope



Additional features include a 110 Degree Screw on Mirror with Locking Collar. ANSED probes are IP67 Dust and Fluid Resistant to Water, Coolant, Brake, Fuel and Transmission Fluids.

ANSED’s Exclusive Hyperion Technology provides key features designed to simplify and enhance technicians viewing options.

ANSED also offers a full range of unique accessories to compliment the video scope kit:

  • Ansed Forward and Side view probe3.9mm x 1m Front and Side View probes: 3.9mm probes are the smallest diameter probes offered today. 3.9mm probes allow technicians to view limited access components never accessible before by larger diameter probes. These include Diesel Engine Service, Dash, Door Panels & Frames, Roof Drains, and Sun Roof Mechanisms & More.
  • 4.9mm x 1m Dual Camera Probe: Front and Side View Cameras are included in One (1) probe. Simply switch between front and side views using the control switch included with the probe. One probe does it all.
  • ANSED Articulating Probe6.0mm x 1m Articulating Probe: Articulating probe head provides 310 Degree of viewing angle using a Thumb Wheel Controller with a Wheel Lock feature.
  • Hanging Hook and Support Clamp: Provides flexibility of use allowing the technician to work with the probe application.

  Hyperion Technology


ANSED Diagnostic Solution

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ANSED Diagnostic Solution En Español

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