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Milton Industries

Your Source for Quality Air Accesories

Milton Industries, Inc. is a recognized leader and manufacturer of air accessories and equipment serving both the professional and D-I-Y markets. Since 1943 Milton has produced and marketed a complete line of air accessories including “Kwik-change” couplers, plugs, air hose, swivels, filters, regulators and lubricators. The 500 series tire inflators are the standard of the industry, preferred for their accuracy and durability. Tire hardware, tire gauges and related items provide service repair shops quality products and tools to keep drivers safe on today’s busy highways. Milton has added over 350 new SKU’s to the line recently in response to customer needs and suggestions.

The breadth of product coverage reaches various market segments including automotive, industrial, hardware, agriculture, heavy-duty fleet, MRO just to mention a few. Customers wishing to purchase Milton products will find them easily at those outlets priding themselves in selling quality merchandise

Milton Industries’ extensive product range includes:

  • Tire Inflators & Service Gages
  • Truck & OTR Service Gages and Accessories
  • Tire Gages
  • Blo-Guns & Nozzles
  • Air Couplers & Plugs
  • Filter, Regulators & Lubricators
  • Hoses
  • Brass Fittings


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PDF MILTON 2018-2019 Catalog




Milton 551 Dual Tire Inflater

Milton 1210 Air Brake Testing Tool



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