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Lisle Corporation

The Ultimate Tool for Heavy Equipment Repair

Slide Sledge® manufactures tools for the heavy construction, military, mining and automotive industries. Slide Sledge’s unique and innovative heavy equipment tools enable faster, easier and safer repairs and maintenance. Through innovative design and reliability, the products help businesses achieve greater efficiency, productivity and profit.

Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment™ Hammer for Heavy Equipment Maintenance

More powerful and safer than the primitive “hammer-strike-chisel” system that has prevailed since the Stone Age, the Slide Sledge® alleviates the precarious multi-person pin removal jobs of past. Inaccurate, dangerous and time-consuming hammer and chisel systems drive up worker compensation costs, create lost-worker time and productivity expenses, and pose tremendous risk to expensive equipment that may be damaged through worker error. By delivering more than 15,000 PSI of precise impact encapsulated inside the custom Slide Sledge® tube, the risk of injury is greatly reduced, and formerly strenuous jobs are now easier to perform and quicker to complete.

Reduces Downtime

  • Eliminates need for special equipment or additional personnel
  • Delivers a powerful payload of impact for extreme applications
  • Ideal for field maintenance and repairs

Increases Productivity

  • Two person jobs can now be completed by one
  • Makes repairs faster and easier

Extremely Powerful

  • Effortlessly delivers over 15,000 PSI of impact force
  • Use the 5lb. handle weight for extra impact
  • Induction hardened, fatigue-proof steel for a long, powerful life.

Safer and More Accurate

  • Efficient, one person operation – no one needs to hold the chisel
  • Eliminates inaccurate sledge hammer swings


  • Interchangeable, application specific tips allow one tool to do the job of many
  • Quick change tips are engineered to get the job done faster and easier

Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment™ Hammer:

  • Quickly and efficiently removes track pins and sprocket bolts.
  • Reaches between ripper teeth for easy removal and installation.
  • Efficiently rips through dirt and rust to remove pins.
  • Reduces man hours to complete scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  • Repairs large tires by easily loosening beads without cutting.

Tips & Accessories

Each of the application-specific tips and accessories can turn your Slide Sledge into a brand new tool. For example:

Slidesledge tip

The new Hammer Union Tip eliminates damage to the pipe union in petrochemical applications. Saving both time and money.

continuous miner tip

The Continuous Miner Tip removes the teeth from the Continuous Miner many times faster and more effectively without damaging the equipment!

strike wrench tip

The Strike Wrench Tip is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications and it ensures 100% contact on each and every blow.




Introduction to Slide Sledge Video

Hammer Union Field Video
Download video file (76MB)

Cat Endorsement Video

RailRoad Cotter Pin Removal
Download hi-res video file (74MB)

Slide Sledge Strike Wrench Tip
Download hi-res video file (4MB)

Slide Sledge Hammer
Download hi-res video file (54MB)

Hammer Union Video

Drill Pipe Video



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