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Our Products

Lisle Corporation


Lisle Corporation was founded more than 100 years ago, in 1903, and is now the largest manufacturer of automotive specialty tools in the United States. Lisle is a prime manufacturer, with 98% of all their tools produced in their own factory in Clarinda, Iowa. Click for more.

Milton Industries


Milton Industries, Inc. was founded in 1943 in Chicago, Illinois. Members of the founder's family remain active in the business today and are committed to maintaining the Milton tradition of high quality, manufactured products for the Automotive, Heavy Duty and Industrial markets. Click for more.

American Weldquip


AMERICAN WELDQUIP has been providing superior service and a uniquely designed line of high-quality MIG welding guns, since 1987. AWQ manufactures premium Semi-Automatic, Automatic, and robotic MIG welding guns, peripherals and consumables. Made in USA. Click for more.

ANSED Diagnostics


The ANSED Diagnostic Solution is the combination of a portable gas analyzer and advanced software, that can analyze the components of the exhaust gases and uncover problems throughout the engine, fuel system, exhaust system including the catalytic converter. Click for more.



The powerful Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment™ Hammer reduces dangerous, time consuming hammer and chisel jobs to a one man, one tool operation. The linear motion of Slide Sledge® focuses power for precision impact to make tough maintenance jobs easier, faster and a lot safer. Reduce downtime and increase your profits with the right tool for the job. The interchangeable and industry specific tips make this the ideal tool for the petrochemical, mining, military, railroad and construction industry. Click for more.



Stress Relief Engineering Co. (SRE) is the world leader in vibratory stress relief technology. The process was first introduced in the U.S. by SRE in 1962 to reduce residual stress and eliminates dimensional instability thereby increasing yield strength without reducing fatigue life. The portability of SRE’s “Formula 62” machine, it's effectiveness in reducing stress and the substantial cost savings associated with vibratory stress relief have resulted in its use worldwide throughout the manufacturing and fabricating community. Click for more.



Sealtite tire sealants are specially designed to reduce flats by instantly and permanently seal punctures up to 3/8" (10mm) in diameter, regardless of the number of punctures. The unique, environmentally-friendly propylene glycol wheel safe formulation reduces flat tire rates due to tread punctures, by 90%. In addition it protects rims against corrosion, reduces air loss and helps to maintain tire pressure resulting in extended tire life. SENTRY is a conditioning fluid and lubricant specially formulated to seek out rim cracks, bead & vent hole leaks, and punctures. With Sentry’s patent pending technology, the liquid fluoresces under UV light and alerts technicians of unseen tire and wheel problems.
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Redline Detection is a leader in OEM-mandated automotive and heavy duty diagnostic leak detection equipment.
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